Choose the Right Paint Colors for Your New Home

Make that trip to the paint store worthwhile- choose the right colors the first go-round. After buying a new home, owners may want to change things up and redecorate. Adding personal style is great, but be sure to research which colors will work best before grabbing those brushes. Color can make a huge impact; even the most subtle changes in hues can affect moods. According to Rosemary Sadez Friedmann, in her article entitled, Colors and Their Common Associations, many shades come with connotations. When creating a warm, welcoming environment, it is best to know what such associations are and paint accordingly.

Common spaces in the home include kitchens, living rooms, dining rooms and foyers. Generally, such rooms can be bright, bold and dramatic. These areas are where people congregate, and consequently are perfect spots for infusing touches of personality. If homeowners are fond of a lively color, say orange, they can use paint to tie these rooms together. So for example, the living room could be a light shade of tangerine, the dining room could be white with a melon ceiling and the kitchen could have a sunset backsplash. Now there is a cohesive theme without an overuse of this bright hue.

Private spaces like bedrooms, home offices and bathrooms tend to be where family members go to get away from it all. Whether residents are retreating to rest, work or take a shower, they all have one thing in common- they need time some time to themselves. Keeping this need in mind, be sure to choose colors for these rooms that are associated with tranquility. Selecting proper paint colors for a new home can be a fun challenge that can prove rewarding.

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