How Homebuyers Can Lock in Historically Low Mortgage Rates

Those historically low mortgage rates are the real deal, and they can save homebuyers big money. Fixed-rate mortgages, both 30-year and 15-year terms, are at incredibly low rates, while adjustable-rate mortgage interest rates are even lower. Just when consumers think home mortgage rates are as low as they can get, they continue to drop. But this descent will not last forever. Shrewd buyers should seize this opportunity before it's gone.

While the media loves dangling these rock bottom rates, the unfortunate reality is- not everyone qualifies. Before attempting to get the best home mortgage loan rates, homebuyers can set themselves up for success by taking a few proactive steps. A credit check is key. Buyers can ensure nothing has mysteriously appeared, and all accounts are in order before lenders ask for credit reports. Organize financial affairs so the debt-to-income ratio is understood, and you know exactly what figures you'll be working with when buying a home. Finally, sit down with a helpful loan originator for an informational session. Use this meeting to ask questions, and learn what you can do to increase your chances of landing those low mortgage rates.

Our agents understand the importance of saving money; they know it can mean the difference between getting the house you want and settling for a home chosen solely for it's affordability. When you work with our agents, they connect you with skilled loan officers who know the industry. These financial wizards help homebuyers find the right loan programs. Take good care of your fiscal health, and work with professionals to ensure the best odds of getting low mortgage rates.

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