Affordable Housing Market Makes Buying a Home in Hampton Roads Easy

According to a CNN Money article, Buying a home won't get much cheaper. Whether you’re seeking affordable housing or buying a home in Hampton Roads, you can gain inspiration from this article. Author, Les Christie, explains that cheap prices and historic low mortgage rates work together to create the perfect buying environment for those who want to save money. It is now actually less expensive to buy a home instead of renting, which is helping convert even diehard renters into happy homeowners these days.

Don’t think these prime conditions will last. The time for buying a home in Hampton Roads is now! Mortgage rates will begin creeping back up as the economy improves. Additionally, house prices will start to increase as early as next month. As inventory decreases and buyers become more interested, prices will continue increasing. Affordable housing won’t always be so easy to come by; buyers who catch this ship before it sails are the ones who can happily watch their home values rise- after they have closed on their new homes.

Everything at is geared to help our clients. When it’s time to buy, like now, our agents are primed and ready to pounce on any deals they find for you. They know where and when to strike to make sure you get the right homes in the neighborhoods you want at the best prices. Our in-house mortgage company, SimonTowne Mortgage, is also a resource for homebuyers. Here, experienced loan officers take you under their wings and make you the homeowner you were meant to be. Affordable housing in this market allows us to help make buying a home in Hampton Roads easier than ever!

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