Kinship United proudly supports Kinship United. This non-profit operates in a unique and strategic way to help areas that are impoverished and torn apart by war or natural disasters. They are currently active in Burkina Faso, Cambodia, Dominican Republic, Indian, Indonesia, Kenya, Pakistan, Thailand, and Uganda; they always begin by building orphanages and rescue centers.

Widows and orphans are brought together to create new family groups, and everyone is taught useful skills like sewing and gardening, with the clear, achievable goal of becoming self-sustaining within four to six years. The organization recognizes an orphanage as completely self-reliant when its inhabitants grow their own food and earn their own income.

Companies like ours fund Kinship United so that they can provide everything needed to run the orphanages and centers. Essential supplies typically consist of food, clothing and teaching materials. Funds are also used to ensure the building is properly maintained and each orphan receives an education in a nurturing environment.

Once the people become self-sufficient, Kinship United spreads out and finds new communities to invest the donated funds into. We’ve been supporting them monetarily on a monthly basis consistently since 2009.

When you buy or sell a home with us, we contribute money to Kinship United’s current efforts. That money will then help them in their subsequent projects. Through our partnership with Kinship United we are making an impact that will shape entire communities for generations.