Sponsors Kenya Orphanage

Sponsoring one orphanage at a time, Brian Simon found a way to give back that would not only improve the lives of those initially helped, but also those who can learn from what these individuals pass down.

Chesapeake, VA, June 1, 2012- sponsors Lodwar Church Orphan Home in the Turkana District of Kenya. Partnering with Warm Blankets Orphan Care International allows the money raised this way to provide a safe haven for those in need.

Agents at know they help more than just residents of Hampton Roads with their industrious pursuits. Every month the company is committed to contributing enough to the orphanage to cover its entire needs. From each normal sale, $100 is donated to the orphanage.

It is precisely this effective model of giving begun by Brian Simon that has made such a significant difference. Christine Fragoso, Director of Orphan Rescue Operations Warm Blankets Orphan Care says of the monetary impact of, "It's been a real blessing to us."

Warm Blankets Orphan Care International sets up orphanages by ensuring donations are put to the highest and best use. The goal of this unique Christian organization is to create nurturing homes that will ultimately become self-sustaining within four to six years of inception.

“Just like in my own pursuits, I am all business when it comes to charity,” says Brian Simon, owner of “I didn't want to just throw money at a cause; anyone can do that. I needed to be sure each dollar we donated would create a ripple effect of positive results and that's exactly Warm Blankets helps us do.”

In an arid area with depleted resources and an abundance of refugees, the Lodwar Church Orphan Home can house as many as 50 residents. Orphans seek refuge, but widows come as well and serve as motherly figures to children starved not only of food but also of affection.

Donations made through are used to purchase everyday necessities such as water, food, clothing and teaching supplies. Building maintenance is also taken care of through this support.

While education for orphans is fostered in an encouraging, Christian setting, widows learn life skills. When residents are able to grow their own food and earn significant income, then an orphan home is considered completely self-sustaining.

The community around Lodwar will be enriched because the offerings given allow these people to help themselves and future generations. will then sponsor another fledging orphanage in a needy part of the world, and the cycle continues. is the number one resource for new homes in Hampton Roads. Whether you're building, buying, investing or selling, our agents have the experience to get clients what they want and the determination to make it happen.