Phenomenal Growth Inevitable for Service-Oriented SimonTowne Mortgage

Through careful planning and creativity, SimonTowne Mortgage was established on the same founding principals of parent companies. This institution is already making a name for itself as a major player in the regional finance industry.

Chesapeake, VA, August 15, 2012- SimonTowne Mortgage is a successful endeavor between TowneBank Mortgage and Simon Media Holdings, LLC. A little over a year after opening its doors, established loan officers celebrated their best first quarter ever thanks to this new lending firm in Virginia Beach.

After carefully researching and establishing the needs of the local marketplace, Brian Simon and president of TowneBank Mortgage, Jackie Amato, developed the perfect blend of customer service and competitive rates- SimonTowne Mortgage. Sherry Reid, vice president of SimonTowne Mortgage, also contributed her knowledge to this endeavor.

“Brian and I brainstormed for years on how to have a joint venture that could marry the two great names together …” says Reid. “It was a win-win situation.” Indeed. Business is booming as word has quickly spread of the staff's phenomenal service. Reid's skills trickle down throughout the company, as she is the mortgage team leader.

While much of the clientele for SimonTowne Mortgage is comprised of military homebuyers, these loan officers strive to help anyone seeking a loan, regardless of their background. Other specialties include procuring government loans, helping downsizers, securing construction to perm loans and assisting first-time buyers.

Reid says closing dates are never missed, the construction department is conveniently located just down the hall so construction loans are done quickly and everything is done in-house, down to the underwriting. She explains that SimonTowne Mortgage offers very competitive rates and the personal service is next to impossible to match. “I'm available seven days a week. You can contact me on a Sunday, and I'll answer the phone.”

This lending professional is a major part of why SimonTowne Mortgage is off to such a rip-roaring good start. Keeping up with Reid's awards can be challenging. This year marks her sixth as a President's and Chairman's Club winner because she gives her all to her clients.

As competition can be steep in this market, how does SimonTowne Mortgage set itself apart from the pack? Experienced staff members, like assistant vice president Brad Schloss, work to ensure all loans stay on schedule, while Reid manages the office and troubleshoots any problems. Her knowledge of government loans cannot be beat, and the supporting staff members play a vital role in loan origination success. Together, they offer exceptional service to each and every client.

Brian Simon, CEO of, is proud of his co-creation, and always knew how much it could help homebuyers of Hampton Roads. “SimonTowne Mortgage is experiencing this growth, not only because of our resources but because of the people. Sherry and her amazing staff do an outstanding job; they make the American dream a reality for so many.”

Learn more about SimonTowne Mortgage, the loan officers and how they help today's buyers by calling (757) 687-5099 or visiting them online at Find out more about by checking them out online as well.

SimonTowne Mortgage is a full-service lending institution specializing in assisting those seeking first-time buyer programs, government loans and construction to perm loans. Loan officers here serve the entire region of Hampton Roads, Virginia.

Source: Simon Media Holdings, LLC