Selling Your Home When You're in the Military

When active duty military members get PCS orders, moving day becomes inevitable. If you need to sell your home to relocate, time becomes critical. Service members and their families have precious little time in order to sell their houses and move to new duty stations. Now is not the time for picking a real estate agent from the phone book; it is time to choose someone who can get the job done quickly and efficiently.

While agents at appreciate the sacrifice service members must make, these real estate specialists also understand the needs of the military. Several agents either are or have been active duty service members, military spouses or military dependents. Military members and families comprise nearly 90 percent of our clientele and that figure speaks for itself. We know you count on us to sell your home after receiving PCS orders and our goal is complete satisfaction.

Our agents know that simply listing a home does not guarantee a sale. That's why they prepare a specific marketing plan to aggressively promote each home that attracts positive attention, elicits offers and generates a sale. When you need to sell a home within a certain timeframe, an agent from can make it happen. These professionals recognize the additional pressure active duty members face having received new PCS orders. Our agents take selling homes seriously, especially for hardworking military members.

When stress boils over from worrying about how to sell your home, remember; there's a better way. Look to talented experts in the field of real estate at These proficient agents are friendly, but all business when it comes to getting houses sold for active duty service members. They know how and where to market your property, so leads appear right out of the gate. PCS orders will only serve to motivate one of these agents even further to sell your home in record time. Agents at are honored to help the military members who protect them everyday.

We can also help service members who may not have sufficient equity to pay for costs typically associated with selling a home. Our agents are familiar with the VA Compromise Sale, which offers relief for military homeowners who receive transfer orders and need to sell their homes. Whatever your situation, we have the experience and compassion to provide assistance when others can't.