Why You Should Consider Buying a New Home

A new construction home offers homebuyers considerable advantages in the energy-efficient and safety categories. Ask any new construction builder and get an earful of reasons why choosing a new home is not just the right way to go but the only way to go. Homebuyers wondering if they should take the plunge when it comes to a new house, listen up. In the real estate market in Hampton Roads, a new home allows you to get exactly what you want, in addition to modern features, the latest safety updates and a low-maintenance lifestyle.

For the most part, buyers must take pre-existing homes as they come. If they want to take on the often overwhelming task of remodeling, they can meet with an architect, interior designer and contractors to determine how much time and money will be needed. However, if homeowners want to knock down a wall that is load-bearing, they may be out of luck, and it can be expensive to turn an existing home into that dream home that a homebuyer might be picturing. In a new home, buyers can work with the builder to get exactly what they want the first time around.

Older homes have character but often they do not have modern features. The 21-century family just doesn't function like a family did in 1900 or even in the seventies. On the other hand, modern features usually come standard in new homes and homebuyers can check these out for themselves when they visit a new construction model home. Lack of energy-efficient windows, doors and roofing materials are a huge drawback when looking at some pre-existing homes. And that's just the beginning. Try locating any closet in a turn-of-the-century row home, let alone a walk-in closet. Open floor plans, kitchen islands, recessed lighting, extra storage space and two-car garages are just a few popular modern features that are common in today's new homes but can be difficult to find in older homes.

Safety is a major concern for homeowners in Virginia these days and for good reason. Weather in this state has been known to be unpredictable and fierce. While often not in the direct path of such storms, hurricane force winds and Nor'easters can wreak plenty of havoc. Buying a new construction home means getting the latest safety measures. Sometimes builders even go above and beyond current code requirements to ensure the stability of a structure by doing things like installing hip roofs, reinforcing masonry walls with steel, limiting soffit overhangs and installing fiber-cement siding. Some additional features may be energy-efficient and lower costs of heating and cooling the home all year long. Such upgrades might not be so noticeable when strolling through the model but when a treacherous storm hits, they can sure limit the damage.

So why consider buying a new home? To recap, new construction homes are customizable, modern and safe. Take a look at a lovely, older home in an established neighborhood, then compare it to a model in a new development. Although both are good options, new homes will have the edge in many important categories. Simply stated, today's builder has today's homebuyer in mind, and although older houses can be charming, new homes come energy-efficient, safe and customized to your own design tastes. Consider leaving existing homes behind and pursuing building a customized new construction home.