New Homes in Norfolk

New construction homes have become an increasingly desirable option for many looking to purchase real estate in Norfolk. With a brand new home, one has the luxury of customization and no unwanted surprises. There's no replacing appliances or fixtures, as they're all straight from the factory. Some new homes even offer warranties. Buyers can rest assured that their residence will meet their personal or family's needs – all while designing their dream home at an affordable price.


If buyers opt to build, they are able to do so on vacant land or in an existing new construction neighborhood in the city. Choosing this option allows a buyer to not only customize a floor plan, but select their own appliance colors, carpet, wood flooring, cabinets, countertops, exterior vinyl, roof, fixtures and ceramic tile colors from builder samples. They also include unique interior and exterior structural features, and are marked by their distinctive design and amenities.


Some new construction neighborhoods in Norfolk include: East Beach Villas, St. Paul's Place, The Rotunda and Williamsburg Commons. The East Beach Villas neighborhood is a small two-building condominium community with fourteen unique floor plans. Priced from the high three-hundreds to the mid eight-hundreds, there are one, two and three-bedroom units. St. Paul's Place is located in the vibrant downtown community of Norfolk. Starting in the mid two-hundreds, it's within walking distance to fine dining, shops, charming historical sites and exciting nightlife.

Using an Agent

When building a personalized home in Hampton Roads, there is often a high level of flexibility in the building process to ensure these dream homes meet their owners' expectations. Using an agent in this process will help in many ways. An agent can assist by directing buyers to newly built homes that specifically match their criteria. They can also recommend builders based on their reputation and experience in delivering a high-quality and reasonably priced product. A buyer with an agent will likely have more favor when negotiating for a new construction home or vacant lot. Additionally, agents can help buyers choose between hundreds of design and upgrade options and can recommend those which will add value to one's real estate when it comes time to sell.