Customizing and Personalizing Your New Home

Stand out from the crowd and customize your home when building new construction. Personalize your home and blend design trends with your own style. Taking the leap into new home ownership can be a little overwhelming so it's essential to create a home that's conducive to relaxing. Often times, builders will recommend interior designers who offer consultations to help you map out a plan to work with your taste and budget. Then it's time to unleash that creative genius and turn that new home into your own personal oasis.

Customize your home before and during the building stages for best results. With so many builders out to work with buyers, it is not hard to work together to create the ultimate, customized pad. Typical modifications may include adding or taking away square footage, taking out interior walls, changing exterior materials, extending the garage, including additional bathrooms and bumping out front walls to create more space. Personalize your home with custom features and the latest design trends. Then that new construction house that will look great while being the center of attention.

To personalize your home means streamlining it with your own personal tastes. This process can usually be done during the building phase as it involves choosing colors. Paint hues, flooring, plumbing fixtures, countertops, lighting fixtures, exterior materials, appliances and tile all go together to create an overall look. The main goal when using design trends in new construction is to create a cohesive look that represents who you and your family are as individuals. Some companies have Web sites with options shown online. Many builders in Hampton Roads exhibit model homes so you can get a feel of what colors look like together. Carefully wander through these houses and see which areas you would tweak with different selections. Keep a new home notebook for quick reference.

Choosing how to customize your home is not difficult when armed with the right resources. Tailor that new home to your own tastes by today's design standards without compromising your aesthetic. It's a good idea to sift through decorating and new construction home magazines and see what photos offer inspiration. Remember to choose color schemes that are not only pleasing to look at but are also livable. An orange kitchen may seem adorable in an advertorial spread but try fixing dinner night after night in it and those loving feelings may soon dissipate. Personalize each room with individual preferences but keep an overall theme in mind when taking on each room. Every room should seamlessly flow into the next. Consider going with only a handful of some of the trendiest features and colors while keeping the palette fresh with timeless choices that compliment anything such as whites, tans, creams, beiges and grays.

Customize your home just by moving those lips. Talking with builders can get that home in shipshape according to your specifications in no time. Then personalize your home by using the power of choice. Select colors, fabrics, flooring and more to turn that new construction house into your new home. Pay attention to design trends, seek professional advice but follow your own instincts and you're sure to end up with a showplace like no other.