Choosing a Floorplan

Choosing a floor plan can be the most fun part of building a new home. Working with our floor plan gallery makes time pass quickly as homebuyers can explore many routes into designing that perfect home. Exact specifications, room dimensions and many other important details are all listed right under each plan number. Maximize effectiveness by using the floor plan gallery and check out the Livability at a Glance section for added information and help.

A great step in choosing a floor plan can be checking out the styles of homes. While in the floor plan gallery, click on browse by style link and search through more than a dozen types of homes. This option gives buyers a great starting point when they're not sure where to begin. Maybe the Craftsman style seems appealing. Click on that icon and get more than 130 possible looks that could work for building a new home. Each home plan has snippets of information next to the picture but click on the blue plan details icon to get the full story.

For homebuyers who have certain parameters from the start, the floor plan gallery offers a viable way to find the right layout. For example, if a visitor knows how many bedrooms and bathrooms he wants in a particular style of house, he can enter that information and the search will bring up everything that matches his criteria. Buyers can even enter in whether they want a one or two-story home to help narrow down choices. Due to lot and development constraints, the actual home footprint (the width and depth of the house) may be the most important factor in searching through floor plans. Enter specific numbers into the home footprint boxes to get plans which meet precise numeric requirements. Maybe you have a large family and square footage is more important than home styles: try entering different square footage numbers and looking into all the results this route yields.

Livability at a Glance is one unique feature of the floor plan gallery. This helpful tool is a marvelous feature for helping homebuyers recognize the potential of certain areas within a new construction home. Color-coded areas are highlighted on some of the available floor plans so visitors can see endless possibilities when it comes to their new homes. Maybe you want more storage space since there is little orange coloring on a pleasing plan: either choose another floor plan or work with our builders to customize this design to better suit your needs. This instrument can truly work wonders when it comes to building a new home.

There's no way to go wrong using the floor plan gallery. With over 1,900 home plans available, there's sure to be a winner among them just waiting for you. Just keep changing adjustable parameters around and looking at all the options. Building a new home is filled with many challenges but choosing a new floor plan doesn't have to be one of them.