Choosing Colors, Flooring, and Fixtures

Choosing new home colors, new home flooring and new home fixtures can be exciting and overwhelming at the same time. Use new construction design trends as a guide but let your individual spirit shine through as you make each selection. A quality home is designed to represent the individuals who reside there, so keep that in mind with these decisions. Take time if needed but don't be afraid to just go with choices that jump out…in moderation.

Paint the town red…or not, with new home colors

Picking new home colors as if they were Easter eggs can get owners into a heap of trouble. Instead, focus on an overall theme. Various colors can be sprinkled throughout the home but they must be in certain quantities, particular hues and combined with just the right harmonious shades for best results. For example, if the owners of a traditional, new construction home love red (a daring choice) they have many options. They can go with a brick exterior or opt for a stone and siding combination in earth tones with red shutters and a coordinating red door. On the interior, they can go with Corian countertops that have red specks, choose to paint one accent wall red instead of the whole room or surround the fireplace in ruby red granite. If a bold color like black is a personal favorite, consider choosing neutrals where simple touches of your favorite shade can be displayed. If you like a more toned down color, say gray, then you can go with a monochromatic scheme choosing many different shades within the same family of colors.

Wipe the slate clean with new home flooring

Flooring design trends are ever-changing. A budget-friendly way to go would be checking into timeless looks that hold up well. New home flooring varies greatly based on budget, tastes, geography and room type: concrete floors aren't exactly popular in Alaska. Consider how much foot traffic each room will get. The white shag carpet may look luscious now but if it's in the main living area, consider how it will look after a few years. Old school builders traditionally favored tile in wet areas like kitchens and bathrooms but modern hardwood, cork, marble, vinyl and laminate flooring make viable choices. Slate is a natural stone tile that is easy to keep, works for wet areas and looks great year after year. To achieve a cohesive look, new home flooring should contain at least one shade that will mesh well with new home colors.

Choose new home fixtures for just the right mixture

Select new home fixtures that will compliment the chosen color scheme beautifully. Stick with the style of the new construction house when choosing to keep things harmonious. It may look a little wacky to have brass track lighting in a Craftsman style home. Buyers should consider streamlining things throughout the home to create a total package. Nickel finish seems to be a mainstay. New home fixtures in this classic finish come in just about everything - locks, hardware, faucets, shower heads, door stops, ceiling fans, light fixtures and even receptacles. Leaf through home magazines and see which design trends look appealing, make adjustments and go from there. New home colors and new home fixtures can look made for one another when chosen properly. When it comes to making all the detailed decisions about flooring, colors and fixtures, remember to take your time and ask questions. After all, this will be your home and you want it to look right: enjoy this special phase. A new construction house properly built is a treasure but a home with handpicked interiors can make hearts sing.