Foreclosed Homes in Virginia Beach at a Steal of a Price

If you want an affordable home and do not mind doing a little bit of work, then foreclosed homes in Virginia Beach may be a perfect option for you. Such homes are generally less expensive than a move-in ready counterpart because they need a bit of work to make them ready to live in. They are a great way to live near the beach without spending a ton of money on a brand new or ready to move in house.

Benefits of Foreclosed Homes in Virginia Beach

You should definitely consider how much money you could save on a foreclosure when looking for homes for sale. Virginia Beach real estate is prime. How many people do you know that would love to live near the beach or in waterfront property one day? There is not much beach front property around the world, let alone in the United States.

Because of supply and demand, therefore, you can generally expect to pay higher prices for waterfront homes for sale. Virginia Beach is no exception, as all property on or near the beach is priced at a premium. However, foreclosed homes in Virginia Beach may be a viable solution to finding the home of your dreams and truly making it yours with a little hard work and imagination. is a great place to start looking for homes for sale. Whether you choose a foreclosed home, a luxury move-in ready home or to build the home of your dreams, we have the resources and information available for you to make an informed decision. We can help you when you are considering the right neighborhood for you, what type of home and features you want, and what real estate agent you want to work with. We offer a valuable home search tool with the most up-to-date listing information on each property.

We also have qualified real estate agents who truly want to work with you, show you properties, answer questions and be available to you via a quick phone call or email. They seek to build a relationship with you that surpasses technology and give you the kind of exceptional customer service that only a face-to-face personal touch can deliver. Our agents are trusted, respected and connected. They help buyers, sellers, builders and investors find the perfect real estate in the Hampton Roads areas.

Whether you are relocating because of the military, a first-time home buyer, an investor or seeking to build a new home, we are here to help simplify the process and make the purchase go as smoothly as possible. Contact one of our agents today to start looking at foreclosed homes in Virginia Beach!

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520 Cheswick

Virginia Beach, VA 23455

479000.00 MLS# 10158657

2951 Baltic

Virginia Beach, VA 23451

363000.00 MLS# 10159472

4336 Sandy Bay

Virginia Beach, VA 23455

2100000.00 MLS# 10170867

233 Overholt

Virginia Beach, VA 23462

344900.00 MLS# 10182350


Virginia Beach, VA 23451

2195000.00 MLS# 10188388

2412 Windy Pines

Virginia Beach, VA 23454

415000.00 MLS# 10197004


Virginia Beach, VA 23452

254000.00 MLS# 10201092

3154 Inlet

Virginia Beach, VA 23454

4299000.00 MLS# 10227744

2008 Edmonds

Virginia Beach, VA 23451

575000.00 MLS# 10234145

3212 Inlet Shore

Virginia Beach, VA 23451

315000.00 MLS# 10239931

2124 Everton

Virginia Beach, VA 23456

268900.00 MLS# 10250267

553 Holbrook

Virginia Beach, VA 23452

285000.00 MLS# 10255671