Find Affordable New Homes Near Military Bases in Portsmouth

The Portsmouth real estate market makes it easy for members of the military to find affordable new homes. Located along the Elizabeth River and the Chesapeake Bay, it is no wonder that this region is a magnet for the U.S. military. It's no secret that the armed forces are well represented in Hampton Roads, but what may not be such common knowledge is that this part of Virginia makes an ideal location for service members to reside. Close to Virginia Beach bases and NOB in Norfolk, this city also has its very own military bases. Buying real estate here allows those deserving individuals and their families opportunities to find homes of their own.

The U.S. Navy is certainly a powerhouse in this part of the world and this branch of the military is represented locally with two bases. The Norfolk Naval Shipyard is located along the shores of the Elizabeth River right across from Chesapeake and Norfolk. This base holds the honor of being the oldest shipyard in the U.S. Navy. Naval Medical Center Portsmouth is also next to the Elizabeth River but directly faces downtown Norfolk. This facility holds historical significance as being the Navy's oldest continuously run hospital. Real estate varies greatly in terms of age, price and condition near these bases, but there are many planned communities nearby offering affordable new homes.

The U.S. Coast Guard is also represented in this section of Hampton Roads, Virginia. Near the Churchland section of town lies U.S. Coast Guard Base Portsmouth. There are all kinds of important activities that Coasties take care of at this base, but just across the city limits, Chesapeake also houses a site for the Coast Guard. The U.S. Coast Guard Finance Center is located in the Greenbrier section of Chesapeake making it just minutes from Portsmouth real estate developments. Searching for affordable new homes near military bases is easy when you know where to look.

When it comes to finding the right types of homes, the needs of service members vary greatly. Townhomes and condos may be the perfect fit for young couples, downsizers or busy buyers. Families may want single-family houses that provide a yard for the kids and room to grow. New Port at Victory is a new home community that offers both of these types of housing options in this part of Hampton Roads. Our real estate agents specialize in helping military buyers find affordable new homes in Portsmouth, Virginia.