Moving to Virginia Beach? Find the Right Neighborhood

Moving to Virginia Beach means finding the right neighborhood. Virginia Beach communities offer all kinds of amenities in various locations. It all comes down to choosing what works best for you. Virginia Beach is not short on scenery - from the Atlantic Ocean to gentle meadows and several other landscapes in between. Get that checklist ready and prepare to scope out the best areas in town.

It's always a good idea to check crime rates when relocating to a large metropolitan area. While Virginia Beach ranks less than the national average when it comes to crime, prevention is the best deterrent. Check online statistics for neighborhoods of interest and see if there are recurring problems. If the possibility of criminal activity causes too much worry, homeowners can opt for a home security system. Another option is looking at gated Virginia Beach communities like Garnett's Watch. Indian River Plantation even enlists on-site security to put residents' minds at ease.

Finding the right neighborhood is a different search for everyone. It all depends on what your idea of the perfect neighborhood looks like. Homebuyers who like condos can choose from those with views of the bay, sea or the city like at The Westin Residences. Single-family homes can be found in family-friendly Virginia Beach communities of Sherwood Lakes and Victoria Park. Retirees can enjoy the best years of their lives in developments like Atlantic Shores and The Villages at West Neck. Singles can mix and mingle with low-maintenance living in lofts and condos in developments like Studio 56 and Old Beach Village. Moving to Virginia Beach means getting what you want out of a home and out of life.

Families will usually want to research the schools zoned for each neighborhood of interest. A good place to get some information is This site offers parent and student reviews of schools, teacher to student ratios, test scores and more. Much is offered in the way of public schools in Virginia Beach for bright students. Old Donation Center is the elementary school for gifted children and Kemps Landing Magnet School is the middle school for gifted students. Ocean Lakes High offers the Mathematics & Science Academy while Princess Anne High offers the International Baccalaureate Diploma Program. Moving to Virginia Beach may mean checking out private schools as well. Cape Henry Collegiate dates back to 1924 and continues to churn out well-rounded students with quality educations.

Remember that while Virginia Beach is great, no place is perfect. With that thought in mind, be on the lookout for things that might grow annoying over time. Finding the right neighborhood may involve asking current residents if there are any dogs that bark all night long or if the kid on the corner got a drum set for Christmas. No homebuyer can anticipate every little thing but it is good to be aware of what you're getting into. Is there a large construction project going on around the corner? How long will it be going on and when completed, how many people will it be attracting each day? Is the neighborhood right underneath where planes come in for Naval Air Station Oceana? Are there cars parked all over the street because houses lack enough off-street parking? Knowing is half the battle so once you find out any problems which may arise, you can deal with them.

This southern Hampton Roads city has much to offer. Finding the right neighborhood may mean listening to that inner voice that wants you to live next to something fun. The beaches are close to many developments so beach lovers get their pick of where to live. The Oceanfront also has its share of festivals and exciting things to do so active homebuyers may want to reside within close range of the Virginia Beach Boardwalk. The Virginia Aquarium & Marine Science Center opens different exhibits and frequently shows new IMAX films. First Landing State Park offers rental cabins, camping facilities, swimming in Chesapeake Bay and hiking on trails. Visitors can also watch and photograph native wildlife. Mount Trashmore is yet another place that offers fun and festivities. Recreational activities can keep you young, so keep that in mind on your neighborhood quest.

So much to do in Virginia Beach and so little time! Finding the right neighborhood will help new residents make the most of their time as they can live near all kinds of fun places. Virginia Beach communities appeal to many types of newcomers so come find where you belong. What are you waiting for? Get moving to Virginia Beach!