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Living in Gloucester County

Formed in 1651 in the Virginia Colony, Gloucester County was named for Henry Stuart, Duke of Gloucester, third son of King Charles I of Great Britain. Although more rural and secluded, Gloucester is considered to be a part of the greater Hampton Roads metropolitan area and borders the York River and the lower Chesapeake Bay. Gloucester is rich in farmland and has a long history in the waterman and fishing industry, yet maintains a small-town, friendly, southern atmosphere in addition to newer, more modern amenities and shops for residents.

Gloucester is comprised of approximately 36,800 people, 15,600 households, and 9,800 families. Amongst these residents is a socially and economically diverse group of people that live amongst the calm serenity of a historic county, yet live close to the busy metropolis of Hampton Roads. Gloucester Public Schools serves the residents and the Virginia Institute of Marine Science is a professional graduate school in marine science located at Gloucester Point.

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Gloucester County History

Gloucester County is an important location in the history of Virginia. It was formed in 1651 from part of York County and was the site of Werowocomoco, a capital of the large and powerful Native American Powhatan Confederacy, which affiliated 30 tribes under a paramount chief. Later, in 1781, the Battle of the Hook” cut off General Cornwallis's supplies and escape route, resulting in his surrender at Yorktown. The British and Hessian forces in Gloucester laater surrendered, marking the final significant battle of the American War of Independence.

Tourism and Attractions in Gloucester County

The arrival of early settlers to Gloucester County also marked the arrival of the daffodil. The growing conditions for these flowers were ideal and their bulbs were passed from neighbor to neighbor and spread from the orderly beds and burying grounds of the great houses to the fields. By the 20th century daffodils covered the vast open fields of Gloucester and prompted the extensive daffodil industry that earned the county the title of the “Daffodil Capital of America”. An annual spring Daffodil Festival commemorates this flower and brings tourists and business to the area. An additional attraction in Gloucester is Beaverdam Park, a picturesque location where visitors can hike, as well as boat, fish, and picnic. Visitors may take advantage of the Whitcomb Lodge which may be leased for special events such as birthdays and weddings. Small boats are also available for rental and non-gasoline powered boats may be used for a nominal launch fee.

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