Buying a Vacation Home

Buying a vacation home in Hampton Roads can be the start of something delightful. A vacation home can be a family getaway or another stream of income but there are several benefits of owning two homes. Long gone are the days of dreaming about when you can buy a beach house: the time has come. With a stabilizing buyer's market, houses are at their perfect purchase points right now.

Before jumping into buying a vacation home in Hampton Roads, find out why this place is a prime spot. It's a given that someone can buy a beach house here: there are miles of awe-inspiring coastlines. The Atlantic Ocean waves to content residents every morning in communities like Croatan Beach, the North End, Oceanfront and Sandbridge Beach. Water comes in all forms around these parts. From the majestic Chesapeake Bay to the mighty Elizabeth River, there is enough waterfront property for every buyer. Creeks, lakes, marshes and more make Hampton Roads a water lover's paradise. Activities like fishing, sailing, boating, surfing, kayaking, canoeing, swimming and waterskiing can be done on a daily basis when owning a vacation home in this part of Virginia. Sometimes homebuyers don't even need to buy a beach house to take advantage of the ocean as certain home communities offer deep water access to residents.

One of the benefits of owning two homes is being able to come and go as you please. Don't worry about making reservations: you're always welcome at your own home. Don't fuss over what to pack: your vacation home is stocked with your favorite linens and in-season clothes. Just grab the keys and go! A great aspect of owning a vacation home in Hampton Roads is the convenience. Located in the middle of the Eastern seaboard, this region has not one but two international airports, so part-time residents can easily get in and out. Entertainment abounds in the form of theme parks, museums, festivals, sporting events and concerts. Recreational activities are abundant here as climate conditions invite outdoor pursuits. Hampton Roads is also home to some of the country's most notable golfing sites including Williamsburg National Golf Club, Riverfront Golf Club, The Golden Horseshoe Golf Club, Eagle Haven Golf Course, The Traditional Golf Club at Kiskiack and Bayville Golf Club. Another plus about buying an additional home in Hampton Roads is the potential for long-term investment. With a heavy military presence, this area always has interested buyers so that is good to know when looking into real estate.

While the benefits of owning two homes may be obvious, some buyers want to know more about the upfront financial responsibility. The affordability factor when considering vacation homes is indeed important but with careful planning, that house in Hampton Roads can be yours. At, our mortgage officers are specially trained in strategizing how to structure a vacation home purchase. Some buyers have a large chunk of cash they will be using as a down payment. Others may need to pull from a home equity line of credit to finance a second home. In order to buy a beach house, a homebuyer will need to sit down and do some basic calculations. Figure how much it will cost to maintain this additional home and don't forget to include taxes and insurance. Look into the possibility of offsetting the mortgage with vacation rental money.

A vacation home is not just for the top tier of society like it may have been in the past. With diligent preparations and help from a knowledgeable real estate expert, you can soon reap the benefits of owning two homes. Buying a vacation home in Hampton Roads can be the ticket to the life dreams are made of- so come on and get your ticket today!