Downsizing to a smaller home appeals to homeowners of all walks of life. The process involves selling your home and paring down personal possessions to lead a more minimal, manageable lifestyle. Retirees may want to sell those big houses they no longer need. Young families may want to trade down their hefty mortgage payments to save money more aggressively.

Retirees and empty nesters may have begun the trend of downsizing but these days they are certainly not alone. Sell your home: gain your life- this concept is growing exponentially in these rough economic times. Many people are on a quest to cut problem areas and stress points out of their lives and one way of doing that is having less property to worry over. Just think, when a homeowner has a smaller home, they have less square footage to clean, less grass to mow, less leaves to rake, less home maintenance and less furniture to dust. They can use all that time saved for traveling, relaxing, starting a business, volunteering or spending time with friends and family. The money saved by having smaller home mortgage payments can be a sweet bonus as well.

While retirees downsize for convenience and quality of life, other people opt for this route for different reasons. Homeowners thinking to themselves, “sign me up” need to know a little bit more about the process before taking the plunge. Do some serious soul searching and decide if downsizing seems right for you. Can you live with less… Personal items? Power tools? Electronic equipment? Furniture? Memorabilia? Knick-knacks? Clutter? Clothing? How will downsizing help you reach personal goals? If moving to a smaller home feels like it is in your best interest then it could be time to sell your home. At, our real estate agents are experienced in helping homeowners successfully downsize to the smaller homes of their dreams.

When the time has come to begin downsizing, enlist the help of someone who can really assist you in all facets of this sometimes complex process. Our agents at know what it takes to sell your home and get it done right the first time. They can also connect you with other helpful people like movers and estate sale coordinators to lighten the load. They can scout senior living options for retirees and show how a smaller home is only smaller in size, not in style. When you're ready to downsize, let the real estate experts at show you why downsizing is becoming so popular.