Owning a condo is something many homebuyers contemplate. Having a condominium within a large condo complex comes with added condo fees, which many owners see as a small price to pay for security and maintenance. When you own a condo in Hampton Roads, you only own the unit itself. Whereas, with a single-family home you own the house and the immediate surrounding land. Owning a townhouse implies you own the structure and the land beneath it. Condos vary widely in appearance. Some look like glorified apartments while others are exquisite examples of modern architecture. Some condos look like townhomes and others may be considered lofts. It just depends on individual developments and your price range.

Ask condo owners what they think about where they live and the answers will vary widely. Outgoing homeowners may like sharing close quarters with neighbors because they enjoy the company. Hermits might despise the constant noise that comes from sharing walls, parking lots and other common areas. Do-it-yourselfers may long for the chance to get their hands dirty while other condominium owners love the low-maintenance lifestyle. While each condo complex is unique; security and amenities like pools, fitness facilities and clubhouses seem to be the biggest draws. Condo fees typically include grounds maintenance, trash pickup and building insurance but this money can be used to cover much more.

Hampton Roads has a wide assortment of choices for those thinking of purchasing a condominium. Whether a seaside condo complex sounds divine or a place in the city is more your style, you can find it here. Check out The Rotunda in Norfolk, Studio 56 Lofts at Town Center in Virginia Beach, The Vineyards at Bennett's Creek Square in Suffolk, the Village Homes of Stoney Run in Newport News, Wilson's Landing in Hampton, Green Tree Commons in Chesapeake and Bridgewater at Eagle Harbor in Carrollton to tour condos of different designs, sizes and styles. Explore the perks that each development's condo fees pay for and weigh the options. If a condo is what you want, then you can find just the right one in the Tidewater area.