Five Steps to Buying a Home

1. Buyer's Consultation

Call for a NO OBLIGATION phone conversation or personal meeting to discuss your family's wants and needs. What's on your wish list for your dream home? Location, size, price and other vital information is gathered to ensure a perfect match with a home that will best meet your needs and desires.

Request your free buyer consultation

2. Get Preapproved

If you do not yet have a loan officer we will connect you to one of our preferred lenders. They can preapprove you in just a few minutes over the phone. Tell them what monthly payment you consider affordable, so we can stay on budget during our search!

3. Home Search

Now that you are preapproved and we know the general size and location that you are interested in, we will search through all of the available existing homes and call local builders to narrow down the home search process. We can email or call you with available listings or you can search the entire database of available homes at your leisure on our Search Homes page!

4. Make an Offer

Once we find a home that meets your needs we sit down together and decide on the best offer we can make to ensure you get the best price and lowest closing costs. When your offer is submitted, we will accompany it with a copy of an earnest money check and preapproval letter. After the contract is ratified, we will keep you updated throughout the entire closing process!

5. Move in

Once we meet for closing it is time to reach out and take the KEYS to your new home!

Thank you… for allowing our team to assist you in finding your dream home! It is truly our pleasure to serve you during this exciting time. Our real estate and mortgage professionals are committed to making this process as smooth as possible.

We would love the opportunity to accomodate your home buying needs! We will work hard to earn your trust while devoting time and effort in securing your home. Please let us know when you are ready to begin the search for your new home.