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The Company You Keep

When building homes, if the foundation is not firm the home is built in vain.

Start with a solid foundation to get the strongest home. It's the same way in business. SimonHouses.com is a company built on a foundation of knowledgeable real estate experts who want to go the extra mile when they know they've already done more than enough. These driven and tenacious professionals are up for any challenge they may face in this competitive arena. Brian Simon’s methodologies are now coached directly to his team members by the company’s sales trainer.  Negotiation strategies and customer service skills are passed down to these elite, top-producing agents like Simon started out as. "Eagles are drawn to eagles and chickens to chickens. I prefer flying with eagles rather than pecking with chickens," says Simon. The sales team then works together with an outstanding staff as a well-oiled machine to yield the best results and produce the most satisfied customers in both Hampton Roads and Northern Virginia.

Learning to Lead

The son and grandson of U.S. service members, Simon discovered strength of character at a young age. His father served the country in the U.S. Navy and his grandfather, John “Poppy” Simon, fought in World War II under the U.S. Army. “Poppy” Simon was in the 33rd Infantry Division and helped take several Pacific Islands on the way to Japan. This patriotic family instilled time-honored values of hard work, dedication and perseverance, which continue to reward Simon and those around him. Such commitment is also shown through Simon's pursuit of lifelong learning. Focusing in management and marketing then minoring in psychology, he earned a bachelor's degree from Fairmont State College in Fairmont, W.Va. He then completed the master's program at Regent University in Virginia Beach. Simon continued his studies in leadership, training and coaching, earning a doctorate degree from Regent University. He taught undergraduate, master's and graduate level courses at his alma mater to show his education could positively impact more lives than just his own. He continues to stay up-to-date on the latest industry trends, then shares this newfound knowledge with everyone at SimonHouses.com.

Onward and Upward

While Simon enjoyed helping turn first-year agents into some of the area's top producers, he’s also been involved in the building and renovation of many homes. Simon is growing his company to meet additional needs of the marketplace. The owner of SimonHouses.com is branching out to encompass even more niches in the real estate industry of southeastern, as well as Northern Virginia. The creation of Hampton Roads Builder Network brings together some of the most respected custom builders in the industry. Simon Media, LLC and Simon Media Holdings, LLC are media companies helping power over 200 cutting-edge, niche websites serving the new home community. Visitors can build their dream homes, take virtual tours, learn about home improvement, educate themselves on buying a home and much more. Everyone benefits from this ultimate, real estate Web resource center that Simon continues to expand. Area builders can also reap rewards with additions like NewHomesAlert.com, an advertising company specifically for promoting builders on both large national and international levels.

Giving Back

This 'go big or go home' mentality couldn't help but trickle into Simon's personal life. He gives back by helping the underprivileged in impoverished areas of the world. As part of his relentless devotion to paying it forward, SimonHouses.com supports Warm Blankets Orphan Care International. Simon marvels at how this nonprofit charity educates orphans in a nurturing, Christian environment while allowing patrons to actually see where their money goes. The entire real estate company sponsors one of these orphanages. SimonHouses.com donates $100 of every normal sale up to $1700 a month to this organization. If monies exceed $1700, they are placed into a separate account that is used for additional charitable projects here in the U.S. at the end of each fiscal year.

The Doctorate

A D.Min or Doctor of Ministry is a doctoral degree that may be pursued by scholars who want to go into the clergy, work for nonprofit organizations, become military chaplains, work in the government sector, take the entrepreneurial route or seek other positions. Complying with his graduate requirements, Simon wrote a lengthy dissertation about the results yielded from his personally designed coaching system entitled, “A Responsive Coaching Model for Transformational Training of Emerging Postmodern Church Leadership.” Simon developed a passion for the process of adult education and identifying what it takes to make adults achieve their greatest potential through unconventional teaching methods. Mentored by renowned authorities in life coaching, Joseph Umidi, D.Min and Tony Stoltzfus, Simon found his true calling in life as he began learning to lead from the best. During this time, he discovered he could bring his love of leadership and coaching together by propelling others to personal greatness in the real estate industry. Simon also determined the more successful he became, the more positive impacts he could make on the world through charitable contributions, drawing inspiration from the example set by John D. Rockefeller.