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Top Home Renovations in 2014

Homeowners looking to get the biggest bang for their buck in 2014 can do so with three major renovations as well as three minor renovations. When done properly, each of these projects can yield a significant return and more importantly, can improve quality of life for every household member who can enjoy the home after improvements are completed.

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What Buyers Can Learn From an Open House

There is much information that can be gleaned from attending an open house in Hampton Roads. Homebuyers who can spare an hour or so on a Sunday afternoon have no reason not to check out a local open house to learn about:

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Home Inspections- Why Bother?

When buying a house, it may be tempting to bypass the home inspection. With so much going on, why go through the extra trouble of getting a home inspection? Ask any real estate professional and learn the reasons why, or just continue reading.

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Why 2014 is the Right Year to Sell Your Home

If you've thought about listing your home for sale, 2014 could be the year! Hop off that fence and call your real estate professional because a sale could be right around the corner. There are several reasons why now is the perfect time to sell, no matter what type of home you have.

Reasons why 2014 could be a good time to sell

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What to Look Forward to in Hampton Roads

The long winter may have residents looking at travel brochures, but there's no need! Hampton Roads has so much to look forward to over the next several months that cabin fever won't be an issue for long.

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Easy Updates if Your Home’s Not a Spring Chicken

So your home's not a spring chicken- there are plenty of fairly simplistic updates that can bring your home into this century. Don't feel like you'll have to spend six weeks on renovations or mortgage your house to complete these updates, either. Go at your own pace and freshen up your place, so that it feels like the right space for you.

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Checklist for Home Spring Gardens in Hampton Roads

Every home gardener looks forward to spring, but this time of year also comes with a list of chores that should be done around the yard. Even if you need a jacket, it's best not to put these duties off if you want a beautiful garden the rest of the year.

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The situation

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Choosing the Right Home… for Your Car

When looking for your next home, car owners need to remember their vehicles. Although the property, neighborhood and interior are important, parking can become an issue if not addressed during the home search process. Take the time to consider the options and choose what type car homes are acceptable for your vehicles.

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Military Housing or a Home of Your Own- Which is Better?

When relocating to Hampton Roads, military members may wonder if they should opt for military housing or a home of their own. There are plusses for both of these options, so which works best for you?

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You’re Moving Out of Hampton Roads- What About Your Home?

When leaving Hampton Roads for other opportunities, homeowners must decide what to do with their homes. Selling could be right for some, while renting could be the way to go for others. It all depends on specific circumstances, needs and goals.

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Love Where You Live in Hampton Roads, Virginia

You can love where you live this Valentine's Day when you reside in Hampton Roads, Virginia. This part of the Commonwealth offers friendly people, a strong economy, fun places to go and beautiful scenery. Homes here are in plentiful supply and can be found at reasonable prices. Come to the Tidewater area when you're ready to have your heart skip a beat over a residence... or two.

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Sick of Winter? Infuse Your Home With Spring!

Waiting for spring can seem endless on cold, winter days. But wait no longer! Usher spring into your home a little early this year and the cheery feelings to go along with it.

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House Hunting Doesn’t Have to be an Olympic Sport

As the Winter Olympics are about to begin, one could compare them to house hunting. But by taking a few steps, you won't need to consider buying a home to an Olympic event. This experience doesn't have to be rigorous, with the right help and preparation all can go well.

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Warming up to the Idea of Snow in Hampton Roads, Virginia

Last week's snowfall wasn't even cleared when Hampton Roads got several inches more of snow yesterday. And in this part of Virginia where such amounts of the wintery white stuff is rare, many things come to a grinding halt. But everything about snow doesn't have to be bad; there can be several reasons to enjoy this form of precipitation.

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Four Places Your Money Could go Instead of Rent

Are you tied of throwing your money away on rent? Considering buying a home or putting your hard-earned money towards another large purchase? Check out some areas where your cash could go instead of paying monthly rent.

Four places your money could go each month instead of paying rent:

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Fun Things to do This Winter in Hampton Roads

Winter can be the season for fun in Hampton Roads, even though the temperatures can get down right chilly. Take a look at some of the many happenings across southeastern Virginia to see what's going on in your neck of the woods.

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Five Easy Ways to Improve Your Home During Winter

When temperatures dip, there are plenty of ways for industrious homeowners to easily and economically improve their homes. There's no need to call for outside help; just buckle down and tackle any areas that could use some TLC.

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Three Ways Why an Energy-Efficient Home in Hampton Roads is the Way to go

The recent blast of polar air can make anyone see the difference an energy-efficient home in Hampton Roads can make. Those without proper insulation can feel the effects in any type of severe temperature fluctuations, but that's only the beginning of the importance of improving residential energy efficiency. Even though initial costs may seem steep, these improvements can add value in various ways.

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Using the 2014 Pantone Color of the Year in Your Home

The Pantone color of the year for 2014 is Radiant Orchid. How can you use this bold hue to add a fresh look to your home? Don't feel like you need to cover every wall and surface with this bright color. There are ways to seamlessly incorporate such a shade for even color-shy homeowners.

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New Year’s Resolutions for Future Homeowners

If you've been thinking that 2014 could be the year for you to become a homeowner, there are a few resolutions that could help. Take your ambitions seriously this year to get the results you want.

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Spoil the Homeowner You Love This Christmas

Now is the time of year for giving big, and who better to lavish gifts on than homeowners who hold a special place in your heart? Sometimes these folks are too consumed with decorating or maintaining their homes that they could use some nice presents. When you want to surprise that special homeowner in your life, find out how to make a lasting impression.

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Spending the Holidays in Your New Home

If you have a new home in Hampton Roads this year, consider spending the holidays there. Forgo the trip to grandma's or your in-law's and enjoy Christmas, Kwanzaa and/or New Year's in your new residence. Having a home of your own means you can continue or begin your own holiday traditions with those you love.

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Late Fall Tips for a Beautiful Home Garden in Hampton Roads

Prep the garden of your home in Hampton Roads with a few tips to ensure its beauty in warmer seasons. While the temperatures may feel chilly to us, many types of plants use this time of year to establish themselves and grow strong. Take advantage of this season; your garden will thank you with beautiful blooms.

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Successful House Hunting This Holiday Season

House hunting during the holidays can be fun and productive. This time of year is not only great for family gatherings, shopping and baking, it can also be an excellent time to find and buy homes. Find out what the pros and cons are when looking for homes during the winter, so you can have the best experience possible.

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