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** All users, customers, clients, realtors, and third parties hereby acknowledge that SimonHouses.com is not a real estate brokerage company and that SimonHouses.com may refer business to the real estate agents listed as "team members" on this website, along with some contractors, mortgage companies, insurance companies, and builders. All parties hereby agree that SimonHouses.com may release any information that they obtain to these referring parties. Further, all parties agree to indemnify and hold SimonHouses.com and Brian Simon harmless from any liability, cost, demand, claim, expense, obligation or liability in regards to any of the foregoing referring parties. Whomever the real estate agent hangs their license with is the Real Estate Broker. For Hampton Roads, the Brokerage is Wainwright Real Estate, Wainwright’s Broker is Bob Wainwright and Wainwright’s Attorney is Caroline Kelsey.  In some cases, SimonHouses Realty is the Brokerage and Melannie Rhoad is the Broker. For Northern Virginia, the Brokerage is Jobin Realty and Scott Fortney is Jobin’s Broker.

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SimonHouses.com implements Google Maps.  Users should review the legal notices, terms of use and privacy policy of Google Maps.

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Those who use SimonHouses.com must understand we will use the personal information entered for company-related purposes.  Once we receive your permission, we may share this same information to our affiliates and/or partners.  SimonHouses.com safeguards users’ information so that it is not sent to any unauthorized parties, but is not liable for the transmittal of personal data due to software failures, theft or hacking.

Neighborhood Site Outlines

OnBoard, LLC supplies the neighborhood site outlines featured on SimonHouses.com.

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Users are only allowed to crawl SimonHouses.com for the purpose of adding web search engine results.  Extracting or downloading information (aka webscraping or webcrawling)  for the purpose of using data in any real estate-related site, content generator or other reason is prohibited without first receiving written consent from SimonHouses.com.  These rules apply to all content found on SimonHouses.com, which may include new construction home model data and that found in the listing database.

Fair Housing and Equal Opportunity

SimonHouses.com firmly adheres to the U.S. policies and guidelines issued by the Office of Fair Housing and Equal Opportunity for southeast Virginia as well as the entire country.  SimonHouses.com is a strong advocate for ensuring Americans receive equal access to their desired homes.  We implement marketing and advertising strategies to mirror our approach, so potential buyers see they face no barriers to finding suitable housing due to their race, color, religion, sex, handicap, familial status, national origin or age.


SimonHouses.com receives information about available properties from various sources.  Subsequent disclaimers are applicable to listings from those specific data sources.