Heather Larson Promoted to Sales Manager and Trainer for SimonHouses.com

Founder of SimonHouses.com, Brian Simon, hired Heather Larson as the team's integral sales manager and trainer. Spearheading the training for real estate agents is second nature for Larson who knows both the industry and the goals of this group.

Chesapeake, VA, April 15, 2012 – SimonHouses.com welcomes Heather Larson as the new sales manager and trainer. She is excited about taking on the task of mentoring the sales agents for the number one new home resource in Hampton Roads. She says, “It's a great move for both me and the company.”

This native of Hampton Roads is no stranger to the industry. “I've been with the organization since its inception.” Larson continues, “I know the inner workings and dynamics of the company better than anybody else.” Moving up through the years first as a sales assistant and later as a real estate agent, taught her how to talk the talk and more importantly how to walk the walk. Larson demonstrates how her techniques work on a daily basis.

This experienced agent decided to take on this new challenge so she could help even more people. “I accepted the new position because our organization will grow in strength and maturity if I can help teach the agents things I have learned in the past six years that I've been with the company,” adds Larson. She explains that while she could help a handful of homebuyers each month as an agent, she can now impact hundreds of lives. “The payoff for me is I get to teach people to do what I love to do.”

“I could tell right away that Heather was a motivated professional with a rock solid work ethic,” says Brian Simon. As the business continued expanding, he recognized the need for hiring someone who could help train agents to grow with the firm. “She knows what we have here is unlike anything else in Hampton Roads. She'll show how we provide exceptional services to buyers, sellers and builders. Basically, Heather will put our new agents on the path to greatness.”

Daily functions for Larson will include teaching agents the best ways to sell real estate from an accomplished specialist who knows how to work deals where everyone comes out winners. Ultimately it will be the clientele who receive the most benefits from the sales manager and trainer. Larson adds, “A lot of people come to SimonHouses.com for a real estate solution and the sales manager will help make sure that the agents of SimonHouses.com are appropriately meeting the needs of those individuals.”

Clients are not the only beneficiaries of what Larson will be doing. “Our website is a resource for buyers and for sellers and for other agents who are looking for new construction communities.” Services provided by SimonHouses.com aim to restore consumer confidence one home at a time. She says this group is a pioneer in this field. “I think SimonHouses.com is the next big thing in real estate… We're unique,” Larson concludes.

SimonHouses.com is a one-stop shop for all things real estate- related in the greater Hampton Roads area of Virginia. This group has gone from an up-and-coming business to a brand synonymous with expeditious new home sales in southeastern Virginia. SimonHouses.com is on track to exceed sales goals this year.