Upgrades Its 200 Real Estate Websites has collaborated with Simon Media, LLC and Simon Media Holdings, LLC to upgrade more than 200 real estate websites. These sites offer visitors fresh perspectives on pertinent home topics, property buying how-tos and much more.

Chesapeake, Va., Nov. 15, 2011-- Due to the overwhelming need for accurate websites about new homes and other real estate topics in Hampton Roads, has enhanced over 200 original websites. Powered by Simon Media, LLC and Simon Media Holdings, LLC, these sites primarily serve the southeastern Virginia metro area commonly called Hampton Roads. Newcomers, locals, homebuyers and sellers can log on to learn more about various home topics and the region itself.

“We not only want to give back to our current and past clients, we want to reach every Internet user in Hampton Roads and show them these amazing resources are convenient, helpful and free,” says Brian Simon, founder. Each of these websites features a new take on a germane real estate topic. Information about communities, home buying topics, new homes, military relocation and much more can be found on these websites which help educate consumers.

The main goal of these user-friendly sites is to inform homebuyers and homeowners on everything they could want to know about property in this part of Virginia. These websites are specifically geared toward the people who live or are planning to live in Hampton Roads. “There is nothing like this in our area. We can give clients that extra something no one else can,” explains Simon.

If a visitor is moving to Norfolk because he recently received orders to NOB, he can log onto dozens of relevant sites about Norfolk real estate. New homes, grand, old row houses, downtown condos- he can find information about each of them on any number of these sites.

These sites not only inform visitors, they serve as advertising platforms for builders within the Builder Network and agents at “We promote our agents according to their specialties and likewise with the builders in our Builder Network,” says Simon. These new advertising techniques are just part of the recent website enhancements. Builders and agents are slated to gain global exposure through these exciting innovations. Business that comes as a result of these Web campaigns will allow to grow even larger.

Due to the explosive growth since 2009, the team of Web developers, writers and researchers continue upgrading these sites. Such exponential Web traffic convinced executives to expand the number of websites to more than 200. Goals of each site include carving a niche into the marketplace, gaining a unique following, advertising specialized services while expanding the reach of

The websites currently receive thousands of visitors a month. itself is the number one online source for new homes in Hampton Roads and now aims to be the premier regional website for all things real estate related.