Santa’s Response to Renter’s Wish

Dear Lifelong Renter (Thus Far),

While I appreciate you contacting me with such a sensitive request, I would like to point out that you really don't need my help to get the home you seek. I've taken the time to address your concerns below.

  • Wanting a home of your very own is totally understandable. I believe everyone should be able to experience living under a roof of their own.
  • Yes, the American dream is still alive; I see it all the time. You can enjoy homeownership today by working with a helpful lender who can steer you towards a home financing option that works for you.
  • I absolutely agree that your monthly housing payment should be going towards something you can have for years to come. That's a reason why homeownership in America is truly special. In some countries, residents must pay upfront for any property they wish to buy. But you get the opportunity to pay while enjoying the benefits of having your own home when you finance your purchase. Low interest rates are making this option feasible for all types of buyers.
  • Having a piece of this earth to call your very own can be nice, but I know many condo and co-op owners who are quite content with their residences too.
  • Ah yes, memories; these snippets of history can bring a smile to one's face. But I do hope you're not waiting to create happy memories, as they can and should be made anytime anywhere.
  • Good neighbors are important too, but in these modern times many folks aren't sticking around for decades. Find a nice community, and there's bound to be people who share similar interests nearby.
  • I know there's no place in the world I like better than my own home in the North Pole, so I can understand wanting to belong. But also remember that the world is filled with many wonderful people who want the best for one another.

In closing, I'd like to add that with help from a kind and knowledgeable real estate professional and a little effort on your own part, you yourself can actually make your dream of homeownership happen. I would never want to take that exciting opportunity away from you.

Merry Christmas,



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