A Renter’s Letter to Santa

Dear Santa,

What I would like is a new home. And I want a home of my own so much that it can count for this Christmas, next Christmas and the next 20 after that. Since I know you're used to getting lists, and I only want one thing, I thought I would go ahead and include a list of all the reasons I want a new home.

  • I want a real home. No, not one of those apartment homes; I want a real home; one that I can decorate however I want and make into the home I've always wanted.
  • I want a piece of the American dream. I too desire a keepsake that proves the American dream is still alive and well.
  • I want my monthly housing payment to mean something. I don't mind paying for my home each month, I just want to know that my hard-earned dollars are going towards something of my own.
  • I want my own piece of dirt. I certainly don't need a Tara, as I am no Scarlett O'Hara, but a place where I could grow a plant or two and have some green space sure sounds nice.
  • I want memories. I'd really like a place where my family can create memory after memory in a loving environment.
  • I want lifelong friends (aka neighbors). I grew up on a street where everyone knew one another. Maybe it's silly, but I'd like to try and find a place like this again.
  • I want somewhere I always belong. I believe a home is the one spot you are always welcome and in this sometimes hostile world, I believe we could all use a place like that.


A lifelong renter (thus far)


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