Five Features on Homebuyers’ Wish Lists… That Shouldn’t be

Homebuyers can sometimes put things that can be easily changed on their wish lists when house hunting. Check out a few of the features that buyers don't need to fuss over, as they can be easily fixed.

  1. Perfect paint colors. Maybe you've seen umpteen million home buying shows that illustrate the pitfalls of judging homes by the colors they happen to be painted; putting that into practice can be a different matter. Simply don those beige goggles and try to see a house in neutral tones to get a true sense of the property. Paint colors can be easily changed.
  3. Updated appliances. While the latest appliances can be nice, they don't have anything to do with the home itself. A nice bonus is that if the appliances are outdated, buyers won't have to feel guilty about replacing them with exactly what they want.
  5. Great flooring. Again, changing out flooring isn't the end of the world. Buyers can actually view dingy carpeting, beat up linoleum and scratched hardwoods as bargaining chips they can use to get a better price. Then new owners can choose flooring more suitable to their aesthetic.
  7. Impressive curb appeal. Some buyers may feel certain places don't even merit a looksee because of a lackluster appearance, but that simply isn't the case. There are sellers who haven't taken the time to properly prep their homes for showing; those who look at the potential can benefit.
  9. Appealing landscaping. If landscaping is sparse, overgrown or just not to your liking, it can be changed as well. The nice thing is that landscaping adjustments can be made over time while residents live in the home, so owners can amend the yard as time and budget permits.

Although there are many things to worry with when buying a home, the above five issues don't have to be on that list. Know that things like location, lot and neighbors can't be easily changed, so be sure to look for what really matters when buying a home.

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