Choosing a Home in the Right School District

Looking for a home in the right school district can be wise for several reasons: children get a fine education, homebuyers save money on private school tuition, the home value is more likely to consistently increase and when the times comes, the property will probably sell quicker than comparable homes listed in less desirable districts. What constitutes the best school districts for one family may not necessarily define those of another, so be sure to check with an area expert when seeking particular items on your educational checklist.

What does it take for a school district to be considered "good?" While there are no set rules, there can be some determining factors when it comes to ratings. Cumulative test scores, overall curriculum standards, parent involvement, community support, extracurricular offerings and the quality of the faculty are indicators that can impact a school's performance. Another key item to watch out for is awards. Schools that have earned awards for their programs, teachers and/or facilities can be definite frontrunners.

How can homebuyers find out about good schools in Hampton Roads? There are many websites and resources out there, but a best bet is to get a referral from a trusted friend. Another valuable resource is an experienced real estate agent. This professional knows the Tidewater area and can provide a rundown on any possible schools.

How can homebuyers find properties in the right school districts? Again, there are web search engines that can help but for real assistance a professional is the way to go. A real estate agent shows newcomers around particular neighborhoods in their desired school districts and explains how they may fit specific needs.

Location is more important than ever when education and real estate come together. Whether you're a parent or not, be sure to choose a home located in a desirable school district.

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