Back-to-School House Shopping

While the common summer home buying strategy is to purchase before school starts, a path less traveled can be to begin house hunting when everyone else is getting ready to go back to school. Although not for every homebuyer, this approach can pay off for certain types of shoppers. There are also interesting benefits to starting a home search during this period of time.

Now is an ideal time to shop for that next home for many buyers. Retirees, couples and singles are some types of homebuyers who aren't necessarily blocked in by the demands of a school calendar. Another group who may benefit? Newcomers. These transplants may have no other choice than to look for a new home now, and it can only be to their advantage. Of course those families up for the adventure of a move and potential school change during the year may also look for real estate during this time.

The weeks before school is back in session can be a good time to house hunt for a variety of reasons. There can often be less competition from other buyers; many have already put in offers on homes so they can be moved in by the time school starts or they have decided to wait out another school year in their present home until the upcoming school year concludes to avoid moving mid-term. There are also some sellers who are very motivated to sell, as they still have hopes of getting settled into new homes by the first day of school; these homes may have more negotiating room in both terms and price. Inventory can still be plentiful, but sellers who've had homes on the market may be more flexible now that summer is coming to a close.

Are you a buyer who can take advantage of back-to-school time to shop for a home? If so, finding your next home can be as easy as ABC!

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