Five Ways Listening to Your Real Estate Agent Can Save You Money

Real estate can be one of the costliest investments the average person makes in a lifetime, so why not save a few bucks if possible? Work with a caring, knowledgeable professional to gain insight that can help the process go smoother while stretching those dollars at the same time.

Save money by following the sound advice of your agent who may recommend that you:

  1. Make the offer... now. Some sellers may hem and haw over whether they should buy a particular home. But if a property is priced right, market ready and situated in desirable location, it will more than likely be snapped up quickly. If you don't write the offer when you want the house, you could wind up in a bidding war which could cost you.
  3. Write a competitive offer. If you want a particular home, write an offer that will wet the owner's whistle. Lowball offers can offend, so cut to the chase; make your best offer your first offer. If you don't, it could cost you getting the house you want.
  5. Ask for closing costs. These fees can add up to quite a chunk of change, so when you have a skilled real estate expert who can help, you stand a better than average chance of getting at least part of your closing costs paid for by the seller. Besides, it costs nothing to ask.
  7. Get that home inspection. Nothing can empty the wallet quicker than extensive home renovations. Before buying a house, it's best to get a home inspection to know what you're up against, get credit for needed repairs or be able to back out of the deal altogether.
  9. Don't sweat the small stuff. If the seller won't budge on throwing in the refrigerator, don't let it sour the entire deal. It's the property you're interested in, not the accessories. Homes that suit your needs may not be easy to come by, so don't let this one slip through your fingers over something minute.

A sick patient wouldn't ignore a doctor's diagnosis, so similarly a buyer shouldn't ignore advice from a trusted real estate professional. It's easy to save money; simply listen to your agent!

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