Getting Your Home Ready for Hurricane Season

Hurricane season officially begins June 1, so it's best to get your home prepared ahead of time. There are a few steps homeowners can take to ensure their properties are as safe as possible when bad storms blow into town.

Steps to take before hurricane season approaches:

  • Storm-Proof your yard. Lawn care may not seem first and foremost, but before storm season is the time to ensure everything is in order. Have trees trimmed properly so that high winds can easily breeze through them. Remove dying trees and have an arborist determine which trees need attention. Grade the slope of your yard so that water drains away from your property, not towards it.
  • Have tools on hand. Collect helpful equipment before it is needed. A sump pump is useful for homeowners with basements, a generator can power up appliances if the power goes out and a water pump can drain excess water from overflowing yards. Keep an ample supply of bottled water, nonperishable foods, batteries and a hand crank radio with cell phone charger nearby.
  • Understand your insurance. Much of the damage caused by major storm systems can be caused by flooding, and unfortunately flooding isn't covered in basic homeowners insurance. Speak with your insurance provider about the pros and cons of purchasing flood insurance before a hurricane is headed your way. Find out everything your homeowners policy covers, and make sure you're comfortable with your level of coverage.
  • Make exterior repairs. Have the roof inspected for loose shingles, and then replace any destroyed shingles to maximize protection during heavy rains. Make sure windows are operable; consider installing storm shutters for even more defense against the elements.

    There's no need to fear this year's storm season; just take the necessary precautions to keep you and your home as safe as possible against tropical storms and hurricanes.

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