Steps for Successful Spring Cleaning

As the temperature heats up and flowers begin blooming, it's time for owners to embark on spring cleaning their homes. Now this isn't regular dusting and sweeping; this is the deep cleaning that all homes need now and then. Spring is the ideal season to take care of these duties as eliminating pollen and dust can increase the well-being of all household members.

  • Declutter. Alright, so this step may not seem like an actual part of the cleaning process but for best results getting rid of the clutter goes hand in hand with successful spring cleaning. Separate items that are no longer used into piles to give away and sell. Throw out items that cannot be of use to anyone.
  • Tidy up exterior belongings. Patio furniture, the play set, exterior cushions, barbecue grill, hammock and even the deck could use a good cleaning after winter. Pressure wash the deck and patio. Wash the hammock, play set and cushions with a mild detergent or vinegar and warm water mixture, scrubbing when necessary. Follow manufacturer's directions for cleaning the grill.
  • Clean out the garage, attic and basement. Once these areas are decluttered, it's time to dust, sweep and mop behind all the nooks and crannies to eradicate dust bunnies and prevent pests.
  • Get to the trim work. Baseboards, crown molding, chair rail, columns and beadboard all need regular cleaning. Eliminate dust with a cleaning duster, and then use a trace amount of furniture polish with a rag to get a deeper clean. Make your rounds through the entire home; use a ladder as necessary.
  • Don't forget the windows. Start with the coverings. Take draperies, curtains, valances and swags to the dry cleaners. Wipe down blinds or plantation shutters with a solvent of white vinegar and warm water. Clean the screens, dusting out any debris between the screens and windows. Finally, wipe down the interior and exterior of windows with glass cleaner.

Get the dirty work out of the way by spring cleaning your home this season.

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