Easy Updates if Your Home’s Not a Spring Chicken

So your home's not a spring chicken- there are plenty of fairly simplistic updates that can bring your home into this century. Don't feel like you'll have to spend six weeks on renovations or mortgage your house to complete these updates, either. Go at your own pace and freshen up your place, so that it feels like the right space for you.

Simple ways to update your mature home:

  • Revamp closets. Many older houses suffer from a lack of storage space. Solve such a dilemma by adding closet organizing systems so items can be stored efficiently. Customize as needed with bins, drawers, racks and shelving units to create places for everything.
  • Paint. Nothing updates a home like a fresh coat of paint. Older homes can be rejuvenated with timeless colors like caramel, gray and antique white. Update kitchen cabinetry with a new coat of paint as well, but don't stop there! Paint trim work, accent walls and the front door to create that maintained look.
  • Reshape shrubbery. Landscaping that may have worked decades ago may not frame the house as nicely as it once did. Evaluate which plants should stay, trim hedges that can be salvaged, plant new flowers to add some curb appeal and remove any eyesores, such as stumps.
  • Modernize metals. A dead giveaway for a new house versus an older home can usually be the hardware. Replace brass door hardware, fixtures and hinges with something more modern like nickel, stainless or oiled bronze.

Older houses can have the charm of yesteryear while providing what today's owner needs. Just take some time to complete these simple updates and see what a difference they can make in your home!

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