Choosing the Right Home… for Your Car

When looking for your next home, car owners need to remember their vehicles. Although the property, neighborhood and interior are important, parking can become an issue if not addressed during the home search process. Take the time to consider the options and choose what type car homes are acceptable for your vehicles.

Types of housing for cars include:

  • An attached garage. This option is probably the most desired of all car homes. Homeowners can pull right into their garages and walk inside their homes, which makes it particularly convenient when there are groceries to haul in or it's raining. Those with garages can keep their cars safe; they can also create the impression that nobody is home when peace and quiet is sought. Additionally, these spaces can hold car accessories and maintenance products.
  • A parking garage. Many loft and high-rise condo owners can enjoy the perks of using parking garages. These structures are typically secure and keep vehicles off the street but close enough to home for easy access.
  • A detached garage. Some homeowners prefer having a garage that is removed from the main house. The smell of exhaust fumes, the sound of motors running and/or the overall appearance can be some reasons why buyers go this route.
  • A carport. A carport is a structure that may or may not be attached to a property. This type of car home is nice in the fact that it keeps vehicles out of direct elements but is not as pricey as a traditional garage.

A vehicle is a large investment, so protect it by safeguarding it in a proper place. Whatever type of car home you desire, you can find it in Hampton Roads.

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