Warming up to the Idea of Snow in Hampton Roads, Virginia

Last week's snowfall wasn't even cleared when Hampton Roads got several inches more of snow yesterday. And in this part of Virginia where such amounts of the wintery white stuff is rare, many things come to a grinding halt. But everything about snow doesn't have to be bad; there can be several reasons to enjoy this form of precipitation.

Reasons why snow can be actually be a good thing include:

  • Having to take a time out. The hustle and bustle of daily living can build up, leaving little time for you. When bad weather hits, take advantage of staying at home. Use this period to refresh and renew, when you ordinarily wouldn't have this opportunity. Gain peace of mind, a fresh perspective and improved clarity just by taking this mandatory time out.
  • Spending time with those in your household. Many of us are so busy with our own individual schedules that spending time with those we care about most can get put on the backburner. Spend quality time with family members during these snow days.
  • Snapping some great photos. The kids building a snowman, everyone huddled around the fire, your neighbor making a snow angel- catch those memorable moments on your phone or camera, because they don't happen everyday in Hampton Roads.
  • Getting in a good workout. Anyone who lives a sedentary lifestyle could benefit from decent-sized snowfall. There is snow to shovel everywhere the eye can see, and the only safe way to get anywhere is to walk.

Yes, snow can play havoc with the best laid plans. But in Hampton Roads, remember that there can be fun in the unexpected.

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