Five Easy Ways to Improve Your Home During Winter

When temperatures dip, there are plenty of ways for industrious homeowners to easily and economically improve their homes. There's no need to call for outside help; just buckle down and tackle any areas that could use some TLC.

Five ways to make your home sparkle before spring arrives:

  1. Reduce clutter. As the old song says, "take out the papers and the trash." Get rid of anything that you or household members don't use on a regular basis. Pass on any treasures to those less fortunate and enjoy getting that space back in your house.
  3. Organize linen closets. Over time, these places can become messy. Piles of towels, washcloths, blankets and sheets can become entangled and look sloppy. Refold and restack everything for a linen closet that looks like it came right out of a decorating magazine.
  5. Revamp the pantry. The kitchen pantry needs love too. Dust off the shelves, face all the products and dispose of any out-of-date items. Make sure all items are rotated so those with soonest expirations are in front and newest items are placed in back.
  7. Clean up the laundry area. Whether you have a laundry closet, laundry room or a designated area where you wash and dry clothes, chances are this area could use some deep cleaning. Socks, washcloths and other small things can get trapped between, behind and under machines. Check to make sure hoses are properly installed and are not obstructed by lint. Give everything a good dusting and dispose of any lost dryer sheets.
  9. Freshen up basements. Update your home by going below. Ditch the clutter, consolidate items and consider repainting. A fresh coat of paint can warm up even the coldest basement.

It doesn't take a large chunk of change or a huge time commitment to chase off those winter blues. Just take a weekend here or an afternoon there to add value to your home without overspending.

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