Successful House Hunting This Holiday Season

House hunting during the holidays can be fun and productive. This time of year is not only great for family gatherings, shopping and baking, it can also be an excellent time to find and buy homes. Find out what the pros and cons are when looking for homes during the winter, so you can have the best experience possible.


  • Less inventory. Keeping a property in tip-top showing shape while entertaining throughout the holiday season can be a daunting task for most sellers. Many homeowners choose to remove their properties during this time to remain sane, so inventory can be lower than usual.
  • Colder touring temperatures. If you don't mind Jack Frost nipping at your nose, then you could be in luck. This time of year can get pretty chilly in Hampton Roads, so be sure to wear the right outerwear when viewing homes now.


  • Less competition. While there may be fewer homes available, there is also less competition for these properties in winter. Chances are that if you find a house you like, with the right offer you stand a pretty good chance of securing it.
  • Motivated sellers. Homeowners who do make the effort to keep their properties on the market during the holidays are likely to be serious about selling. Concessions like closing costs or updates are even possible with motivated sellers.
  • Lower priced homes. Fall and winter boast some of the lowest home prices of the entire year. Take advantage of these prices to snap up a nice house at a bargain price.

While there may be a few issues buyers must lookout for, on the whole the holiday season presents a wonderful time for house hunters to find their new homes.

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