Late Fall Tips for a Beautiful Home Garden in Hampton Roads

Prep the garden of your home in Hampton Roads with a few tips to ensure its beauty in warmer seasons. While the temperatures may feel chilly to us, many types of plants use this time of year to establish themselves and grow strong. Take advantage of this season; your garden will thank you with beautiful blooms.

Late autumn gardening tips

  • Plant spring bulbs. Those gorgeous posies who pop out every spring need to be planted now for best results. Tulips, hyacinths, daffodils and crocuses are spring blooming bulbs that relish being planted during this time of year. Be sure to follow specific planting instructions for each of the varieties.
  • Shred leaves for compost. When gathering fallen leaves, remember to store them so they can feed the plants. Sprinkle light layers of shredded leaves in flower beds, around shrubs, perennials and even young trees to encourage growth.
  • Plant winter annuals. Just because the days are cold and windy, doesn't mean some pretty plants won't grow. Pansies come in bold shades like orange, purple, yellow, red and white; they all do quite well in winter. Ornamental cabbage is another cool weather annual that makes a statement in Hampton Roads.
  • Lightly prune. Carefully cut back perennials, crape myrtles, fruit trees, azaleas and more. Don't forget to lightly prune roses, but save heavier pruning for spring.
  • Apply mulch. A top layer of mulch can work wonders when it comes to insulating plants as temperatures drop below freezing. Think organic materials like bark, straw, moss, leaves or wood shavings to keep everything hydrated.

Fall is the perfect time to enliven your home garden in Hampton Roads, and with a little help you can ensure blooms and buds abound.

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