Enjoy Your Neighborhood This Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving can be wonderful when you enjoy this holiday in your own home and neighborhood. Forgo the rushing around in exchange for some quiet fun in your own space. Look into all the activities that can be done to make this day special on your home turf.

Make the most of your Thanksgiving holiday at home by:

  • Meeting someone new. If there's someone on your block or in your complex you haven't met yet, now's the perfect time to introduce yourself. Show these neighbors what a warm community they've moved into, and wish them a happy Thanksgiving.
  • Using the space your neighborhood offers. Take a nice long walk after that hearty meal or invite the whole family out for a game of impromptu football. A little horsin' around can be good for the soul.
  • Taking advantage of the photo opps. Record the fun times you have in pictures. Take snapshots of the kids, grandparents and more during this time of year. Hey, even take pictures of the table settings and Thanksgiving spread.
  • Sharing a favorite dish. If you or someone in your group makes a dish everyone loves, why not make enough to share with someone else nearby? Maybe a neighbor has suffered a loss or isn't able to visit loved ones this year. Bring some holiday cheer with this simple act of kindness.
  • Watching the big game. Some folks don't even feel like it's Turkey Day if they can't unwind with some football during the day. Use the DVR to record the best games, then relax with them at your leisure.

This Thanksgiving, put your home and neighborhood to their best use; providing the location where you feel great.

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