House Hunting Before the Zombie Apocalypse

House hunting can be essential when anticipating a zombie apocalypse. The return of "The Walking Dead" this month on AMC will undoubtedly give fans another look at how critical shelter can be for comfort and more importantly -survival. Alright, so for some of us, this scenario is a bit far-fetched. But for those who see doomsday approaching, finding the right house can take on a whole new meaning.

What to look for in a house before it all hits the fan:

  • Location. This feature cannot be overlooked when seeking a home that can withstand the pasty undead. You must look for a property in a good climate, as utilities won't function normally when zombies come into play. You'll also want to be close to natural resources like a fresh water source, farmland and an environment where food can be found, such as woodlands or the ocean. Hampton Roads offers many of these opportunities in addition to giving buyers something extra- a sustainable method of transportation. Those who live in this part of Virginia can row, paddle or kayak to get where they're going. An added bonus? Zombies aren't known for their swimming skills.
  • Neighbors. These people may become more important than you can imagine when zombies attack, so choose wisely. Look for an area where those living near you have diverse skill sets and seem friendly.
  • Style of home. An attached home may not give owners the ability to customize it with additional safety features, solar panels, personal arsenal and more. A single-family house can give owners the chance to start a garden and expand later if extended family drops in for more than just a visit.

When house hunting and simultaneously planning for the zombie apocalypse, homebuyers should have a pretty clear list of what they're looking for to make the search go as smoothly as possible.

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