Choosing a One-Level or Two-Level Home- Which is Right for You?

One-Level or Two? Choosing a home that is all on one story compared to one on two or more levels is a question that can sometimes perplex homebuyers. Which is better and why? Unfortunately, there is no stock answer to this question as all buyers are different and have different wants and needs.

Those in favor of two-story homes may tell you about the aesthetic qualities. These houses tend to be grander and more palatial in nature. Often, these homes afford residents better, more expansive views. Dollar for dollar, buyers may get more house in a two-story in terms of square-footage. A two-level house takes less of a footprint, so those with small lots can get bigger yards with these homes.

One-level houses also come with several benefits. These houses generally require less energy to heat and cool, thus energy efficiency is better. Single-story homes may also require less money to maintain. No extension ladders are needed to access even the tallest spots, so homeowners can take care of simple exterior issues like painting, gutter cleaning and pressure washing. Active adults can easily maneuver around in a one-story residence, and small children won't take a tumble down the nonexistent stairs. Owners of these houses may also boast of the convenience factor. There are no trips up the stairs to get whatever is needed because everything is just down the hall.

So which style of home is best for you and your household? Take some time to really look at your needs and which type of home can best serve everyone who'll be living in your house. And don't forget, the number of levels in a house is only one determining factor in choosing the right home. A one-level or two-story home- either one could be the right fit.

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