Going the FSBO Route- A Money-Saver or Time-Waster?

Save tens of thousands of dollars, and sell your home yourself. The prospect sounds good, right? Such a scenario may seem like a slam dunk, but it is rarely that easy even in a seller's market. You can't save the commission if you never sell the home and unfortunately, without the professional know how it is often simply unfeasible for many owners to sell their home without help. Here are some challenges that come with selling a FSBO.

  • Time. It takes a great deal of time and effort to sell a home for top dollar. If a seller can't devote himself to making this a full-time endeavor, then results could be less than satisfactory. Showings, open houses and negotiating are all quite time-consuming and can produce lackluster results if done ineffectively.
  • Expertise. One of the main things owners pay for when they hire agents to sell their homes is knowledge. Unless you have a background in sales and stay up-to-date with your local real estate market trends, it is typically cost-effective to go with a listing specialist. Someone with the experience to get your home sold to the highest bidder usually does what it takes to get your home sold.
  • Marketing. This element is absolutely critical when it comes to selling a home. If you don't have the resources and/or expertise it takes to market a home to every potential buyer, then your sale could be dead in the water. Hint: a FSBO sign in the front yard simply doesn't cut in today's marketplace.
  • Attachment. It can be a tall order for a property owner to detach himself enough to be able to see things from a buyer's point of view as well negotiate without getting personally offended. Agents understand that emotions are kept at bay during successful sales.

When you want to sell your home, an agent could be your best bet while FSBO could just be a four-letter word best left unsaid.

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