Buyers Don’t Have to Choose Between Going Green and Going Home

Go green and get that new construction home at the same time. Today's builders offer so many choices that buyers don't have to choose between being eco-friendly and getting their dream homes. Check out some of the ways developers make it easy for homebuyers to be kind to the earth.

  • Use sustainable products. One of the easiest ways to go green in your new construction home is to choose earth-friendly materials. Kirei Board is a wood substitute made of reclaimed sorghum plant stalks. Insulation made of cotton is safe and renewable. Cork and bamboo flooring are eco-smart choices too. Beautiful countertops can be made from walnut shells and even recycled glassware, plastic, metal and paper.
  • Choose the right location. It is hard to have working solar panels underneath huge trees. Look at all the factors when selecting where you want to live and how you can get an environmentally friendly home. Building a house that's not too far from a metro area can make it easier to get skilled labor and quality materials.
  • Integrate salvaged items. Using things reclaimed from dilapidated homes to create dramatic features in new homes is recycling at its best. Think outside of the box; a beam can be repurposed into a rustic mantel, an aging wrought iron gate could become a lovely climbing rose trellis and glass cabinet pulls can turn into fan finials.
  • Build to conserve energy. Buyers don't have to create an earthship to go green, but implementing energy-efficient features and technologies can save them money while saving the planet.

It doesn't have to be a struggle to go green while building your new construction home; these days it can be a fun adventure.

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