"Breaking Bad" Realities- Disasters That Can Devalue Your Home

As "Breaking Bad" begins its final season, homeowners can use this groundbreaking show to look for lurking disasters that can move into neighborhoods and devalue properties virtually overnight. Although this program has a die-hard set of fans, these folks would do well to steer clear of the harsh ways of living often observed from week to week in this drama series.

"Breaking Bad" neighborhood disasters may include:

  • A meth lab. These chemical drug manufacturing plants can bottom out the value of a house, but they can also negatively impact the entire neighborhood. Although there are disclosure laws, not every seller abides by such guidelines. Without a knowledgeable agent on your side, you may be stepping into a web of all kinds of trouble that could take years to untangle.
  • Crime. Okay, so not many young families care for drug-pushing thugs hanging out in the same playground the kids play in, but are things really so bad? Yes! Bars on windows, helicopter searchlights, chained up guard dogs, crime scene tape and frequent drug searches are all signs that the neighborhood has taken a dive. Be aware of signs like these and take cover.
  • Noisy neighbors. Not everyone appreciates parties like Jesse once threw in his home. This up-and-coming chemist is a perfect example of who most homeowners don't want living in their developments. These types of residents attract others like them who like to live life to the fullest- loudly and frequently. Be afraid. Be very afraid.

One could liken any of these property problems to something Walter White could easily take out with his quick thinking, but in the world of real estate, it's best to avoid any issues altogether and get in the right neighborhood the first time.

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