How to Create Curb Appeal in Just a Weekend

Curb appeal is an important way to get buyers in the front door. And in just a weekend, a seller in Hampton Roads can easily turn the spotlight on his home with these simple, cost-effective tips.

  • Remove. The first step in sprucing up a property is to remove any unsightly objects. These items can be anything from inoperable vehicles to lawn ornaments to wasp nests. Taking away anything that detracts from positive attributes boosts curb appeal.
  • Update. Replace anything worn or dated that can make a first impression: mailbox, outdoor lighting, window boxes, door hardware, house numbers, welcome mat and planters. Think modern and neutral, but remember to stick with your home's architectural style.
  • Repair. Tighten wobbly railings, fix loose steps, ensure gutters are in good shape and repaint wherever necessary. Make sure the front door and storm door open easily without squeaking.
  • Plant. One of the best ways to catch a buyer's attention is with a green thumb. This is the ideal time of year to plant colorful annuals in flower beds and flank the entryway with container arrangements. Consider snapdragons, marigolds, petunias, salvia, dahlias, celosia and strawflowers to really catch the eye of a homebuyer.
  • Clean. Give your home a good once-over to see if anything needs cleaning. Wipe down the front door and/or storm door, dust off the garage door, sweep off the porch and walkway, pressure wash the house and wash windows if necessary.
  • Trim. Maintain that manicured look. Keep grass healthy and trim. Prune shrubbery and thin out trees as needed to make your property appear picture-perfect.

Get the whole family together and knock out these tasks in a couple of days. Taking care of curb appeal in a weekend can help sellers in Hampton Roads attract the buyers they want.

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