Make Those Gardens Grow in Hampton Roads With Eight Easy Tips

Beautify those home lawns and gardens in Hampton Roads this spring by following some simple tips. Even those without green thumbs can greatly enhance the curb appeal of their properties.

  1. Weed. Although not a gardener's favorite activity, weeding is essential to a thriving garden. Before weeds get out of control, pull them out by the root and dispose of them.
  2. Mulch. Applying a thick layer of mulch can be the first defense against weeds. This substance also helps garden plants stay hydrated for warmer seasons.
  3. Plant seeds. Ambitious gardeners may want to start some new plants by seed. Now is the time to start many of these seeds indoors. Be sure to water regularly, and transplant seedlings once danger of all frost is gone.
  4. Invite helpful wildlife. Bees, ladybugs, lacewings, praying mantis and bats can all help gardens in Hampton Roads. Plant annuals like calendula, cosmos, yarrow, sunflowers, California poppy and candytuft; perennials like asters, comfrey, echinacea, elderberry, evening primrose, feverfew, lavender, lupine, milkweed, peonies, salvia and bee balm.
  5. Compost. Spring is an ideal time to begin composting. Use produce scraps, coffee beans, grass clippings and layer between dried leaves, pine straw and black and white newspaper. Be sure to stir often and add dirt every month or so.
  6. Aerate. Every type of lawn can benefit from a good aerating. This process pulls up plugs of soil to give the lawn room to breathe. Over time, grass benefits from this helpful procedure.
  7. Fertilize. Woody plants that have not yet begun reblooming, like roses, hydrangeas and peonies, as well as lawns benefit from the right type of fertilizer.
  8. Transplant. Before temperatures heat up in Hampton Roads, get any new plants in the ground to ensure they flourish in their new environment.

Every garden in Hampton Roads can bloom with flowers this spring with these easy tips.

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