Lessons From Downton Abbey on Living in Luxury Homes

As another season ends, fans can take a breather from the tumultuous times at Downton Abbey. Luxury homes have their perks and nowhere is that clearer than in an estate in the beautiful Yorkshire countryside. So what can this popular drama teach us about how a residence can transform lives?

  • The grass really is greener. Life in luxury homes can be a cut above. Look at heir, Matthew Crawley, and his mother, Isobel, who came to the estate from more humble beginnings. Through the seasons, the two seem to adapt to the lavish lifestyle quite nicely and why shouldn't they? This countryside castle has just about everything a homeowner could want, except a drama-free life.
  • It can take a village. While these luxurious properties are glamorous, they can require quite a bit of upkeep. Just check out the service staff at Downton Abbey; a whole host of worker bees must stay on hand to keep things in their place and ensure owners stay comfortable. While 2013 doesn't dictate these standards, large historic houses still entail massive maintenance.
  • Great homes can inspire. Beautiful architecture can drive one to go to amazing lengths; combine that with love of land and pride of a homeland, and the result can be nothing short of remarkable. Lady Mary might have done just about anything to keep Downton in the family, and things worked out so that the home could remain theirs. This estate is the site of numerous love stories and triumphs. An exquisite home is capable of bringing out the best in people.

While we all can't live in Downton Abbey, luxury homes can provide grand retreats away from mundane life.

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