Invite Romance Into the Home This Valentine’s Day

Romance begins at home with a little creativity and time. Valentine's Day doesn't have to be costly, especially when homeowners put their personal stamp on endeavors. Choice paint colors and tasteful décor can turn any house into a cozy love nest.

Paint is one of the most cost-effective ways to make a dramatic difference in the home. Choose one of the following colors associated with Valentine's Day to surprise someone you love.

  • Red. This primary color really gets noticed. Red can make hearts beat faster and stir feelings of passion- perfect for stimulating Cupid's arrows. There are many different shades of red, all of which are dramatic. Red can be overpowering so it is not always recommended for walls. Feeling bold? Paint an accent wall a deep shade of red. Want to invite love inside your home? Paint your front door red. Accessories such as linens, knickknacks, fresh fruit, furniture, art and dining room textiles are the perfect way to infuse a residence with this color.
  • Pink. Sweetness, romance and feelings of endearment can be stirred when gazing upon this shy little sister of red. Hues of pink can calm those nerves before a big date. Consider using this shade in small doses to accent other complimentary colors. Throw pillows, flowers, vases, candles, candy and soaps are ways to bring pink into the home.
  • White. Those who like a cool, crisp look and want to freshen up a space can use shades of white. Although it has a reputation for being cold and sterile, there are many off shades that are warm and inviting. Try a gray white, ivory, soft white or sandy white and note the differences.
  • Get out that paint brush, open your heart and let love in your home this Valentine's Day.

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