Sell Your Home by Wowing Winter Buyers

Sell a home by showing buyers how your place is the perfect retreat on those blustery winter days. Although spring is touted as the choice season for buying and selling real estate, buyers looking for their next homes may want to act before daffodils begin blooming. Heat things up by setting the stage for a sale.

  • Make your home a winter wonderland. Research magazines and websites to see what beautiful winter homes have in common: winter-themed windowboxes, a rack of firewood on the hearth and winter tableware. Use creativity to integrate some of these concepts into your property to illicit those warm and fuzzy feelings.
  • Keep safety a priority. Ensure your property is in tip-top shape in time for showings. Get rid of any dangling daggers, aka icicles, from gutters, eaves and awnings. Keep ice and snow off steps and walkways. Make sure handrails are rust-free, sturdy and dry.
  • Highlight winter-friendly features. Show off your home's best assets in this time of year. Buyers can certainly see the value in items like a backup generator, fireplace, radiant heat flooring and wall mounted towel warmers. Highlight that garage by keeping it clean enough for a vehicle to fit easily inside. Anyone can see the added value of staying dry while bringing in groceries on those cold, rainy days.
  • Use the season to your advantage. Displaying cut flowers is a popular strategy owners wanting to sell homes in warmer seasons use, but winter calls for something different. A basket of pinecones next to a roaring fire, arrangements of fresh evergreens, cuttings from red berry bushes like holly or nandina and forced indoor bulbs like amaryllis all make seasonally appropriate d├ęcor.

Implement a few of these helpful tips to sell your home during winter and avoid languishing around until spring.

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